"sudo rm -rf / , the very best there is.

When you absolutely, positively, got to kill every [file] in the [system]; accept no substitutes."
- Samuel L. Jackson, if he was a sysadmin ...oh wait, he was

About Mu

Mu is an engineer who loves building, breaking, and fixing things. He built this site in an attempt to impress the AdCom at MIT Sloan (it didn't work). After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science, he fulfilled his lifelong dream of building exciting enterprise software solutions at Model N. Sick of working on high-profile everyday products, Mu decided to later join Disney to work on totally obscure products, such as disney.com and Star Wars. These days, his day job is working as a software engineer at Airbnb , but by night he's a second-year MBA student at his alma mater, Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

His claim to fame is that he once starred in a McDonald's commercial in China and also had his car's vanity plate featured on the front page of starwars.com. In 2006, the esteemed World Cube Association ranked him as the 39th fastest Rubik's cube solver in the world, a spot he occupied for nearly a full week before he decided to quit while he was still behind. He also once ran "sudo rm -rf * .jpg" (note the all-important space between the * and .jpg) in his home directory and borked everything.


Residential Computing, UC Berkeley

Lead Software Engineer

2006 - 2009

Model N

Lead Frontend Engineer

2009 - 2013

Disney Interactive

Lead Software Engineer

2013 - 2016


Software Engineer

2016 - ...


University of California, Berkeley

B.A. Computer Science, 2009

Berkeley-Haas School of Business

MBA, Expected 2017


Brewing Beer

To date I've sampled over 400 different beers (yes I keep track)

Working on Cars

I find wrenching on stuff to be zen-like

Cal Football

Our sturdy golden bear, is watching from the sky...


My way to rationalize eating whatever I want


Beer Tracker

Keep track of the beers you've sampled and generate cool visualizations and graphs.

Car Journal

Keep track of your car build and generate cool visualizations and graphs.

Race Tracker

Keep track of all the races you've ran and generate cool visualizations and graphs.

Disneyland Tracker

Keep track of all the times you've been to Disneyland and generate cool visualizations and graphs.

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